Beautiful Photos of IKEA Kitchen Items Neatly Arranged

IKEA scored a viral advertising hit in 2010 when it released a cookbook with photographs by Carl Kleiner showing the ingredients of each recipe neatly arranged on a table. Now, the Swedish furniture company has teamed up with the photographer and stylist Evelina Kleiner again for a series of photographs showing kitchen items in beautiful arrangements.

(via Trendland via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Carl Kleiner

  • Spider- Man

    great pics, crappy merchandise…

  • Anonymous

    Bottom picture, right hand plate, wooden spoon thing. It’s at a slight angle and is REALLY starting to bug me.

  • Carla D’Anna

    Great pics, merchandise that is worth what you pay for it clearly and sometimes worth even more.

  • Kkevster


  • Tim

    Not getting the purpose of this, other then an anal retentive photographer with nothing to do.

  • Anonymous

    I love Sweden. I love the whole country.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    I recall a photographer who in the early 80s did still life photos of hardware – nuts,bolts that kind of thing.  His local store had a no questions asked return policy so he made it his subject library.

  • Chris Knighton

    Advertising much?

  • Just Visiting

    I love the (almost) all white arrangement.

  • Toomas Kadarpik

    Styling seems to be from geometry textbook, not very pleasing for me, too many repetitions. But this is my taste.

  • matthew carter

    @Samcornwell:disqus HAHAHAHA! I know, right?

  • John Batt

    I love this stunning way of laying a table.
    I really like their cookbook too.
    I am in favour of symmetric designs!