Mind-Bending Portraits That Defy Gravity

French artist Philippe Ramette captures surreal self-portraits in which he appears to be defying gravity. Rather than use digital trickery, Ramette — who started his career as a sculptor — builds metal support structures that allow him to stand or sit at impossible angles.

Here’s a peek at the trickery behind the photographs:

You can find out more about Ramette and see more of his work over at Galerie Xippas. For another gravity-defying artist, check out our interview with Chinese photographer Li Wei.

Image credits: Photographs by Philippe Ramette

  • Thatwateroneiscoolisntit

    I love the one where he is coming out of the water almost.

  • Eddypula

    What is the camera he’s using, it looks kinda like a Mamiya RB with the filmback rotated to verticle. Other ideas?

  • Enriqueesquivelcardenas

    novedoso,fresco diferente me gusta

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

    Thanks for inspiration:Photographer and sculptor Philippe Ramette: Video Behind the Scenes Defy Gravity Portraits |

  • Rollingblue

    Cool, but in the age of Photoshop it seems like more work and expense than it’s  worth.     

  • Nick Bedford

    In the age of Photoshop, you could also say, “We didn’t Photoshop any of this.”

  • Anonymous

    More likely an RZ, my RB looks different on the sides. Plus the prism looks to be an RZ prism too. But Mamiya for sure. Possibly franken67?

  • Anonymous

    Straight from camera has more appeal and real work involved than 20 hours of ass cramps and hotpockets.

  • Dennis Calvert


  • Anonymous

    Haha, glad someone else agrees!

  • Blackwidow

    that what is sad about this age, ALL SHORTCUTS. You won’t get anywhere in life with that mindset.

  • Pixelated51
  • Anonymous

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  • Ben Gebo

    This is awesome! Brilliant idea!

  • Guest

    actually, shortcuts get you everywhere–you’re just missing out on the journey ;)

  • Guest

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