Fujifilm X-Pro1 Next to the Leica M9-P

dpreview has published an in-depth hands-on preview of the new Fujifilm X-Pro1. The image above shows the camera next to a Leica M9-P digital rangefinder, which costs about $8,000 — body only.

It’s not rocket science to work out who Fujifilm are really gunning for – the X-Pro1’s similarity to the Leica M9 demonstrates the company’s refound confidence, having already placed the X100 squarely up against the Leica X1. It’s pretty clear that Fujifilm very much sees the X-Pro1, with its hybrid viewfinder and infinitely-variable framelines, as the modern autofocus reincarnation of the classic rangefinder. Let’s not forget that the company is no stranger to the high-end professional market – it may have had a hiatus of several years, but made a wide range of medium format film cameras.

They also have side-by-side comparisons with other cameras as well.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Preview [Digital Photography Review]

Image credit: Composite photograph by Digital Photography Review

  • Anonymous

    I am buying the Fuji, but there is no doubt the Leica has the cleaner look.

  • Bob O’Shaughnessy

    I really hope that photo is to scale, as it looks like there might be just enough distance to squeeze in a Leica M adapter (and LTM for that matter). My 35mm and 50mm Summicrons would easily complete the kit if I bought an X-Pro1 + 18mm.

  • bob cooley

    …waiting for the obligatory “They totally ripped off Leica, which is a superior camera in every way and always has been” argument…

    and here it comes, in 5…4…3…2…


    [/end sarcasm]

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    if you read or watch the videos put out by fuji… they already have plans for an adapter to mount M lenses. 

  • schroder

    I think this is a turning point on the digital photography world. Finally a company (not considering Leica as their models mimic their analog legacy) sees the needs of a photographer and doesn’t cram dials in the most silly places or obscure sub-menus making things simple as stoping down barely impossible. I see the next generation of digital cameras will look less like cellphones/computers and more like cameras. 

    Please, EVERYONE, quit bashing Fuji for copying Leica. They’re only trying to suit us users the best camera possible! If for that they take some “inspiration” doesn’t make this camera less a innovation, considering that will be 1/5 of the value of an actual Leica. 

    The two cents of a rangefinder/ analog camera lover.   

  • Through Painted Eyes

    I will probably end up buying this camera, but I don’t understand why they didn’t use phase detection auto-focus instead of the inferior contrast detection. From what I hear the new X-Pro1 is no better than the x100 when it comes to AF, and it also uses focus by wire for MF. This is disappointing news, but I don’t think it’s deal-breaker news. For me, at least.

  • bob cooley

    +1 !

  • Kyle Wagner

    This is a great camera and I applaud Fuji for actually going out there and building a camera to fit in the demand. I mean for awhile there Leica was pretty much monopolizing the market. I’m not saying it’s not worth 6K, but I’m sure the name “Leica” carries more weight to it. Either way, I’m hoping the X100 will come down in price sometime, but then I don’t want to see an X200 anytime soon either. 

  • Skinner photographs

    I shoot with an M8 and every day cross my fingers shortly before every shoot that the camera will actually work. To think if the S hits the fan on my M8 one day I can replace it with possibly a better camera for LESS $ and still use my lenses is a huge sigh of relief. Let’s not rip on Fuji for ripping off Leica, let’s hope Leica gains inspiration from Fuji. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love Leica, but Leica does have some competition it’s going to have to acknowledge sooner or later. Maybe not in 2012, but in a few years I can’t imagine what the X-PRO-3 will do.

  • vladimir byazrov

    Comparing to Leica, Fuji looks like they are planning on another more advanced professional mirrorless camera in the near future, probably ff. This one  looks like a  good educated student that yet has a growing-up ahead.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    “Fuji looks like they are…” according to who??

  • Fenil

    According to the lineup and design of their cameras.

  • Troll

    Just look at the camera model and one will recognize this is a digital Contax G2, not Leica.

  • Shashin

    Very true – the G2 is still better built than the M9, too (speaking as the owner of both).

  • noss
  • Through Painted Eyes

    What gives you the impression it will be FF? That’s a pretty bold, baseless prediction.

  • Anonymous

    You are being a bold and baseless troll.

    Seriously, use a bit of common sense and you can see where the tracks of this train are headed.

    He said “looks like,” which a hypothetical statement, not “they are definitely doing this because of blah blah blah.”

    Not to detract from the APS-C sensor that Fuji is using, as on paper it is already out resolving the 5D MkII. But for those of us who love wide wide wide shots, you cannot get that as easily from the crop sensor. Sometimes we like to stick a 12mm on the camera and have it stay at 12mm, as well as have that finite depth of field that only comes from larger sensors. This is part of the reason that I still and always will use my medium format film cameras! Gotta love the fact that a 60mm can get so wide and have such precise depth of field!

  • 8fps

    A nail to the Leica coffin…?

  • Through Painted Eyes

    Lot’s of time on your hands, eh?

    I have issue with “probably ff”. I don’t care how amazing FF is, what makes you think it’ll be in the successor to the x-pro1?

  • John Cassan

    Not much difference between 16 and 18 mp as one can see Pentax K% outperforms every Canon 18mp. Fuji had great lenses at one time only third to Carl Zeiss if you did not include Schneider. This is their first AF lenses as their last interchangeable cameras used Nikon lenses.However they had medium format lenses in production. Everything revolves around the new sensor and of course the new lenses. If the sensor is what it is tauted to be and the lenses are as inexpensive and surpass those of the NEX and have the quality of their ols lenses, this system will compete. I can imagine Leica lenses on this camera. However their rear elements may be a bit further from the sensor. The M9 is overpriced. It rates badly because the Kodak sensor or their processor does a bad job especially with noise. They also have no filter but they need one. I am torn between the NEX7 and this camera. I love the fact that the lenses are fast and have a fixed aperture on the zooms. I will wait a few months to see what the verdict is, but if they beat out a 21mp FF in reality they will be better than the NEX7. Hopefully ther is no pin cushion nor barrel distortion as in the NEX lenses.

  • Dirk

    It’s great that they will be making an M-mount adapter. What’s not so great about it: it will multiply your M-len’s focal length by 1.5 or so. 

  • Dirk

    Doubt it. They’re two different cameras at two very different price points.

  • Nota

    I would disagree. They both fill the niche in the market for people that are looking for compact rangefinder like cameras with interchangeable lenses and very high image quality mainly for street photography. Seeing as the X100 soundly beat the leica x1 and compared well to the M9 (pulling ahead in some cases like ISO performance) this would compare even better.

    After all once people see what they can get out of a full kit of fuji prime lenses and at over 1/4 the cost of the comparable leica set up i see this being a runaway success like their x100 was.

  • Anonymous

    Try using your eyes and read that last paragraph again. Fuji is going after the professional market with the X-Series. Now try and use that common sense your mother hopefully left you and where does this all lead?

    This camera is in the MILC class, but it is by no means a compact. There is no need for them to keep it APS-C, and the new sensor tech is all the more reason to expand the sensor dimensions and create more effective large digital sensors.

    Medium format sensors are getting more and more practical and cheaper. Before long I would not be suprised to see a digital Fujica with a 6×9 sensor. The future is a weird place where your expectations on what is practical here and now are no longer relevant.

    Hell, I may be completely wrong. But don’t rule out the possibility that FF or even MF might make it’s way into the X-Series here soon (or anything else for that matter), and I’m looking forward to seeing what they end up doing to revive the Fujifilm digital brand.

  • GIGI

    It’s Not a Leica! but another copy, better yet a compromise. I’m sure it takes great photos but for me a Leica is a true extension of my eye and thoughts. I will not buy this camera. what’s the point?

  • Andrew Chen

    Sorry, on which planet did the “X100 soundly beat the leica X1″? Don’t let your imagination run wild. 

  • jimbo

    I am now torn between a used leica or the fuji. The fuji looks like a great camera but is very much a copy type product. It has better technology and features than the leica but is it just another fad to come from Japan that will go out of production within a few years and be forgotten about? 

    The leica on the other hand comes from a line of cameras dating back to the 50’s and is still going strong. Yes it costs a lot more and on the face of things you get less. Theres a saying, “Less is more”. 

    Two different products aimed at different photographers.

  • jimbo

    Where the auto focus is concerned I wish that they just left it out completely and had manual focus lenses. This is where I think Fuji have just fallen short. The most important aspect of this camera type why did they neglect manual focusing?

  • jimbo

    I agree with Dirk.

    Just like the Nikon and Contax Rangefinder types, the Fuji will come and go and Leica will still be producing the M cameras a long time after.

  • Joe B

    The challenge with Leica is their bodies. In a digital age, when technology is changing so fast, does a $7,000 body make sense, only to be out performed in 3 years. Leica was made in a film age where people could pass their Leica camera down to their children who could also enjoy them. That is no longer the world we live in. 

    The lens of course do last, and for some are worth the price. 

    I think Fuji is on to something. The product line is still young and has some issues but I am very impressed with their image quality. 

  • emjaysea

    The point?  Perhaps some folks want a nice rangefinder without shelling out $8000???

  • Jamesmansfield66

    If your Leica is out performed by a new one that doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy the new one. Thats your choice. I still use an M8 and get better images from it than my later Nikon which I am selling. :-)

  • louis jammes

    Fuji is mutch better in high iso. It’s very important for a reporter

  • louis jammes

    It’s a fact that the fuji sensor is much better than the Kodak

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    If Leica would only drop the price by $5000, I would buy one. But you see…they can’t and they won’t for one reason: Leica doesn’t sell cameras to photographers, only to collectors.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    The point is this “GIGI” : Leica is not a real camera is eye candy for well-off people who think that spending a lot of money on a camera makes them a really good photographer. Fuji is an awesome company with awesome products designed for “Actual Photographers”..not collectors. So…take your “Eye Candy Camera” and put it back in it’s case…i think i saw a speck of dust floating towards it.

  • Mannock

    I really hate to say that everything the you say is true, but everything you say is true.