One Self-Portrait a Day Since 1999

Toronto-based photographer Jeff Harris started a photo-a-day project back in 1999 in an effort to document his life through self-portraits. Since then, he has captured 4,748 beautiful photographs that show everything from reckless stunts to a fierce battle with cancer (warning: there’s a graphic image). Harris states,

I didn’t want 365 images of me sitting on the couch each day. There could have been that tendency, especially during the cold dark winter months to stay inside all the time, but this project inspired me to get out there and seek out interesting things.

[…] I see no reason to not make a self-portrait each day. I’m always around and always free. It’s kind of like going to the gym—it flexes your muscles and keeps you in shape. [#]

Harris is entering the 14th year of his project this year, and although his body is far from being the same as when he started this endeavor, his great photographic vision is still evident in each of his images.

Jeff Harris (via Time via zefrank)

  • Mauricio Matos

    Great project

  • Darryl

    Wow – awesome work.

  • Jlambs

    I remember seeing the project that ‘Noah’ did where he took a picture of himself every day for 6 or 7 years, but this is something else!

    Noah’s was interesting because he strung them all into a video and made them consistent, so you could literally see him age, but this puts an original twist on things!

  • Tyler Hayward

    This is the best take a picture a day project I’ve seen and some of the images are incredible on their own, but the story behind them makes them that much more meaningful and it’s amazing to hear how photography impacts his life and please keep it up, you’re doing such a wonderful job!

  • Phil

    What a fascinating person. I’d love to meet this guy. I’d love to be a random guy that takes his picture for one random day.

  • Nathan Caulford

    Best post yet!

  • Pete Boyd
  • AR

    Really loved this video.  I did a self-portrait-a-day project for one year, when my divorce was going through and I knew I’d need a project to keep me from going into a total tailspin.  It was great help during a hard year, and moreover it’s great to have that record to look back on now.

  • Flgraphics

    what a story. Amazing images and such an inspiration

  • Juliewatts

    Wow. Jeff you are a hero and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for having the unyielding belief in your idea. Your entire story moved me! Keep kicking ass!

  • Lenyon

    Amazing story! So inspiring.

  • Treehouse

    What an incredibly inspiring person!  You are truly alive!

  • Yohannes Tjioe

    so.. what camera did he use?

  • Benicio Murray

    Stunning work

  • Rachael Hall

    Wow what an amazing chronicle of your life. Some of these images (well, not “some,” LOTS) are so visually powerful because of the negative spaces or lighting, or just how you’re isolated in the frame. Beautiful. What a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you the best, and pray for deliverance from cancer.