X-Ray Photographs of Camera Gear

Freelance photographer Bill Rhodes captured this X-Ray photograph that reveals what various pieces of camera equipment look like on the inside. There’s lenses, a camera, a radio transmitter, remote shutter release, light modifiers, and batteries.

Here’s another image showing what the guts of various flashes look like:

(via ALTFoto)

Image credit: Photographs by BillRhodesPhoto

  • Ian Ludwig

    Too bad he didn’t throw in a ball head. Man security was all over my bag the last time I didn’t check my BH-1

  • CF Salicath

    Always fun to watch the guys at airpoirt security pan through my camera bag. Both to watch them strugle make sence of the chaos and to see how the guts of my gear looks like.

  • Joe Blount

    I really confused security when I came through with a Brownie and an Ansco in my bag… I had to actually open them up and show them they were just a couple old cameras. :)

  • Mantis

    But I thought big DSLR cameras were officially considered standard terrorist equipment these days?

    You sure would think so judging by the way the authorities treat photographers these days.

  • Igor Ken

    I had my 5D2 lcd glass broken due to an extra security check at the airport. My fault, but FUCKERS.