Sketching Not Permitted at Photo Exhibition

Philanthroper founder Mark Wilson was at a photography exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago when he came across this sign. His response?

Are things so bad we’ve banned sketching? [#]

I wonder what the world will look like when we get to the point where you can capture high-res imagery using your eyes (or even download them from your memory).

(via @ctrlzee via Boing Boing)

Image credit: Photograph by Mark Wilson

  • Adam

    They need to add people with photographic memory to that list.

  • Zak Henry
  • Jeff Peterson

    I understand people wanting to protect their work but far too often it’s taken too far which is just silly.  Is it really necessary to say that flashes and tripods aren’t allowed if photography in general isn’t allowed?

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean no Etch-A-Sketch either?  I think it’s a little ambiguous on that point.

  • Serge Khm

    Thats bull. What are the kids studying arts/drawing/painting/etc supposed to do?
    I remember for the arts classes, in different institutions, we specifically went to many various exhibitions to draw!
    So what now? Google your favourite artists/painters/photographers? And it’s a bit retarded seeing this comes from an “art” institute… Yes, it’s important to teach kids about respecting copyrights, but really? Is that the new trend?

  • Kyoshinikon

    The Frys electronics by me bans sketching and painting (Gasp!)

  • Steven Yunghans

    I’m not sketching, I’m drawing inferences… Is this the whole museum or just in a “special exhibit space”? I could see a stipulation in a contract for a special touring exhibit that prohibits reproductions of the work being shown via any media, including sketching, but the whole museum seems overblown. It would certainly deter aspiring artists/art students at all levels of ability.

  • Dave

    With the easy access to very small, high res cameras that are easy to conceal, this ridiculous rule will just encourage people to secretly photograph or videotape it and end up with a better copy than a sketch.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    OC Transpo in Ottawa Ontario considers sketching “suspicious activity”.

    Terrorists. Terrorists everywhere.

  • Luke

    “Everybody knows things are bad.”

  • Ulf Rompe

    The next logical step will be to just ban all visitors from the exhibition. That will make things much safer.

  • Spider- Man

    No Looking
    No Thinking
    No Imagination
    No Emotion

  • Patrick Vanewijk

    what use is a tripod without a camera. yes mister security guard here is my camera but i am taking my tripod?????

  • aaron

    I was just at the Art Institute of Chicago last weekend. This sign is for a special exhibit, not the entire museum. Non-flash photography, as well as sketching is allowed throughout 99% of the museum.

  • Mr.New

    One reason why some museums don’t allow sketching in their special exhibition is to typically for safety and firecode regulations—people who sketch tend to stay very long and there is a chance of overcapacity in that space.