How to Shoot Creative Macro Photos Using Sunlight

Here’s a short video in which photo instructor Bryan Peterson shows how you can use sunlight and a simple reflector for creative macro shots — perfect for people who have a macro lens but lack lighting equipment.

  • Xavierdjx

    I prefer my pictures… I’ve made more than one year ago…

    Thx for supporting my work ;-) Enjoy ^^

  • Scott Mains

    Am I the only one that seen ‘Doc Brown’ from back to the future, except with a macro-lens instead of a flux capacitor, and mullet instead of a lab coat?

  • Spider- Man

    This guy has a sick flow! MULLET!

  • Spider- Man


  • Zet

    a very quiet place to make a movie…

  • Shagrake

    Those Geico Cavemen are everywhere!

  • David Gee

    What’s going on with that hair, seriously?

  • Chudez

    epic hair aside, its a very “to the point” tutorial on thinking out of the box

  • Aaro Keipi

    I believe he’s creative because of his hair. But that being said, good stuff! Nice to know you don’t need studio lights when the sun will do the trick.

  • Dave

    Nice self promotion but if you look at both images objectively, his kills yours.

  • Josh Ruud

    Not sure I agree, Dave. Peterson’s shot is too busy in my opinion and lacks direction. X’s image suffers a little from a somewhat abstract subject, but the high key shot isn’t distracting like Peterson’s. 

  • sidceaser

    That was very nice of him to pull over at the highway rest stop and do a tutorial for us.

  • John

    Liked the video. Kept it interesting… I bought that book a few years ago, but never envisioned the author would look like this. Ha!