Become Familiar with Your New Camera by Putting Its Manual in the Bathroom

Reading a camera’s user manual is a great way to become familiar with all of its features and functions, but what if you don’t have the patience to sit down and chew through it? Here’s a strange but useful trick for making sure you read the manual thoroughly: put it in the bathroom. By placing it in a place where you’re desperate for things to read, you’ll slowly work your way through it and understand your camera more without having to take a chunk out of your busy day!

(via Reddit via Lifehacker)

Image credit: Magazines by theseanster93

  • Mohawksan

    Horrible. Idiots. Will wind up getting Hepatitis and spreading it around. What happened to cleanliness. This article should be removed. Don’t post stupid ideas like this.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    desperate troll is desperate. Everyone knows germs are make-believe.

  • Damielyn

    I’m not sure if anyone has taught you the art of expression but it CAN be done with out being totally rude !

  • Spider- Man

    does some need to re-learn how to wipey wipey?

  • Yeah Whatever

    How do you get hepatitis from reading in the bathroom??

  • wickerprints

    In all seriousness, any kind of paper reading material (magazines, books, newspapers) left in your bathroom is the ideal breeding ground for fecal bacteria and mildew, even if you think you’re fastidious about cleanliness.  Each time you flush your toilet after defecating, microscopic fecal particles get sprayed into the air.  Over time, the bacteria in these particles spread with the benefit of warmth and atmospheric moisture.  Studies have shown that these bacteria can even find their way onto toothbrushes.  So it’s not about knowing how to wipe.  You can disinfect a toothbrush or even a mobile device, but you can’t disinfect a paper booklet without damaging it.

    That said, unless you or your family member(s) already have hepatitis, you can’t contract it by reading your own books in your own bathroom.

  • Mohawksan

    It is not about wipey. It is about germs spreading.  Even flushing the toilet with lids open causes fecal matter to disperse and they can begun a nice voyage into ur magazine that u take back to ur coffee table and so on. Don’t have to explain further. Probably not Hepatitis. Horrible post, just encourages dirtiness. If you want more examples, just google.  Anyway, who cares. Go spread ur love, I mean germs

  • Anonymous

    As long as I have a smartphone, this will never happen.

  • LOL

    Go put yourself back in the plastic bubble you crawled out of… the rest of us will enjoy our immune systems

  • Stephan Zielinski

    E. coli and its human-colon-dwelling neighbors evolved to live in a reducing-atmosphere liquid medium at around 37 degrees Celsius.  Reasonably cleanly bathrooms are oxidizing-atmosphere gaseous-medium environments around 20 degrees Celsius.  They can’t breed there any more than whales could breed in the methane seas of Titan, and for the same reasons: wrong temperature and wrong local chemistry.

    Should anyone desire to see some pop cultural coverage of this, the 2009 season Mythbusters episode “Hidden Nasties” features the boys enlisting a microbiology class at UC Berkeley to collect samples from all over the darn place.  The cultures from toilet seats were both sparse and innocuous.

  • Cleanfreak1

    I see a good point with the cleanliness post. So, u want to stay dirty, stay that way. U are probably one of those guyz who pees without putting the lid up and probably sits on that same pee again.  Grow up and learn some cleanliness.

  • Robert Harrison

    seriously how long do people take shitting? I’ve always wondered why people read on the toilet, I’m and in and out in a matter of 3 minutes.