This Camera-Shaped Building Isn’t Quite What You’d Expect It To Be

Every so often, something comes across our desks that makes us do a bit of a double-take. This was one of those moments.

What you see above is a building shaped like a compact camera. What is the building used for? That's where it gets interesting. It's not a camera store or an electronics repair shop, it's a public restroom... seriously.

‘Toilet Diaries’ Turns Joint Bathrooms Into a Never Ending Source of Photo Humor

While living in their studio -- which also happened to be located in an old bank with joint bathrooms at the time -- photographers Gerban Grotenhuis and Marc Marselje had an interesting idea. Just how many creative and funny scenes could they create using those joint toilets?

The result is a humorous and creative photo series called Toilet Diaries that transformed joint toilet rooms into everything from a WWII battleground to the inside of a claw crane machine.