PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide 2011

Christmas is almost upon us, and for the second straight year PetaPixel’s gift guide comes incredibly late. Think of it as a general guide to nifty photo-related gifts that have emerged over the past year rather than a Christmas gift guide — after all, gifts are great to receive year-round, right?

Camera Stickers — 3 for $5

Tiny stickers shaped like modern and retro cameras and gear. Terrific for sticking all over the place!

PetaPixel Store

Polaroid Picture Frame and Mirror — $7

A picture frame that looks exactly like a Polaroid picture. Use your own photograph, or leave it empty to use it as a mirror!

PetaPixel Store

100 Film Paper Towel Box — $17

This giant film roll dispenses toilet paper rather than film. Great for any photo geek’s bathroom or workspace.


Shot Glass Lens Set — 3 for $18

Mini ceramic shot glasses shaped like camera lenses. Available in both Canon and Nikon flavors.


Camera Cookie Cutters — $18

A set of 3 cookie cutters for making camera shaped cookies to munch on.

DIYPhotography Store

Nikon Lens Speakers — $20 – $40

Desk speakers that are shaped like Nikon lenses. Canon lens speakers are also available.

‘Nikon Lens Speaker’ on eBay

Photoshop Magnet Kit — $25

Turn your refrigerator into a Photoshop workspace look-alike!

Meninos Store

Glow Graffiti — $39

Light paint in style with this UV light that’s shaped like a can of spray paint.

Photojojo or Amazon

Airframe — $59

Picture frames shaped like airplane windows. Give people a lofty window seat view into your photographs.

designboom Shop

Lens Pillows — $59 – $120

Giant pillows that let you curl up with your favorite lens. Softness is a good thing for these lenses.


iPhone SLR Mount — $249

An adapter that lets you use your existing collection of Canon or Nikon lenses on your iPhone 4.


Image credit: Old School Ornament by Robert Otani

  • Spider- Man

    Uhhh, It’s hanukah now and Xmas is in 5 days, a bit slow on the draw there eh…

  • Marc

    Anyone that attaches an SLR lens to an iPhone should have their camera privileges taken away from them.

  • Andreas Puhl

    Just think about it this way, they paid $250 just to do that… I’d say that counts as a fitting punishment. ;)

  • niki

    I also love how they advertise the adapter with: ‘It essentially turns your iPhone into a DSLR.’, still an iphone… with a big ass lens attached to it.

  • Spider- Man

    crop factor FTW!!!

  • will hall

    not quite how it works, i believe the lens image is projected onto a ground glass screen, and the phone camera takes an image of the screen to accurately replicate the DOF effects available to larger sensor cameras

  • Spider- Man

    OH, I didn’t read the product, just thought it looked goofy…

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  • Fred

    It looks like the Airframe frames are $160 for a set of three delivered to the US.  A single is $59 to the US.  They do look pretty cool, though.