Creepy Commercial for the Fujifilm X10

Japanese camera ads are sometimes very different from those you might see in the US. We’re still trying to figure out whether this is a commercial for the Fujifilm X10 or a trailer for an upcoming horror movie…

You can find a 60 second version of this same ad on Fujifilm’s Facebook page.

(via ecpz)

  • Anonymous

    How is that creepy…? 

    And btw although Janpanese is spoken, this commercial is probably aired in Taiwan or Hong Kong. If you understand the caption, nothing creepy at all about it. 

  • Epc

    This is a Japanese ad that seems to be targeting the Chinese market. The monologue by the girl is in Japanese, but the setting seems to be Hong Kong (the words “Hong Kong” painted on a wall appear at one point) and the subtitles and overlay text are all in Chinese.

  • garryla53

    I’ve seen photos by teenagers. They photograph their feet, shoes, clothes and some even stick out their tongues! This commercial reminds me of those images.

  • GuestA

    Yes it is targeting the hong kong market. All places shown in the video are in Hong Kong. Also just a side note, they are questioning god and photography in this video.

  • Richard

    I think it’s a fantastic ad, aimed squarely at one of the many markets for the new camera: young, aspiring photographers who want a capable camera without the size and expense of a DSLR. This camera is also appealing to professionals who want to carry something smaller at times but still want a decent image.

  • Anonymous

    American’s are such fucking pussies!  This is an awesome commercial!  If ad agencies and networks had balls here THAT would be the ad for the X series in USA.  I can see subway posters with gritty street photography advertising the X100…instead…they think EVERY photographer is a soccer mom who is offended by everything.  I’m pretty sure offending soccer mom’s would sell MORE X10s than the low quality, white-bread ads they run here.

  • Peter

    Calm down bro.

  • Ridzki

    Hey that’s the same girl from the Fuji X100 ads 


    I read a comment about Japanese mobile phone industry where some dude compared the Japanese market to Galapagos islands, said something like “Japanese market is a place where species evolved differently from the rest of the world…Same thing applies here, maybe eerie to a westerner used to smiling people and bright spaces in commercials, but this add will definitely work for a Japanese (or Chinese, Korean) teenager…btw, some awesome shots here….love it…

  • Anonymous

    This is art… something photographer who are very serious about Fstops and aperture reading don’t get. I loved it !

  • Matthew Sugiarto

    I think the background sound makes the ads feels creepy. I like this kind of ads, different from the other.

  • JazzTulip

    I thought it was a wonderful, atmospheric add. Some of the meat market images (by which I mean actual butcher meat, not porn) might be considered a bit hard core by the kind of people who think photography is all about glossy sunsets, but the way the images were put together was excellent. Different cultures do think different and that includes their visual aesthetic.

  • Oscarsplash

    Yep, don’t get the ‘Creepy’ adjective neither…

  • Kyoshinikon

    I think Creepy…  but not that creepy.  Cutting meat and tied up barbie dolls in the same ad is a little weird..