The Crazy Hazards of Being a National Geographic Photographer

Ever wonder what National Geographic photographers go through to get the beautiful shots that appear in the yellow-bordered magazine? The Photo Society — an interesting new website created by the magazine’s Photographer’s Advisory Board — recently surveyed 45 Nat Geo photographers about hazards they’ve encountered while on assignment. All the incidences were then counted up and turned into a fascinating table showing how “glamorous” the photographers’ lives are. You can also read short vignettes of these experiences here.

The Hazards of a National Geographic Photographer… [The Photo Society]

Thanks for sending in the tip, Brian!

  • Curtis Townson

    I want to see this acid-dripping cave

  • schroder

    Stoned by religious groups. Rastafarians?

  • Spider- Man

    Sounds like my last urban ex outing, minus the diarrhea…

  • gabe sturdevant

    Dont drink the water.

  • Allan

    I see a TLC reality show coming up.

  • Da Pistol

    Yea, everybody knows how tough it is to be a Nat Geo photographer…. I also know how hard my secretary’s job is.  It’s always the ones with the cake jobs that feel the need to let everyone know how hard it is to be them…. “waaaaaa! I’m a suffering professional photographer who has to go to the most beautiful places in the world and point my free equipment at it!”

  • Spider- Man

    haters gonna hate

  • Dannynoonan82

    Getting sucked into a vacuum of landscapes and wildlife… Creating work that bores readers to death…

  • Eddie Smith

    The days of free equipment and a huge room full of it to draw on are gone at Nat Geo. Very few actual Staff togs now, mostly freelance who supply their own kit and bid on jobs
    go read some of the stories it’s not an easy job. Certainly you do get to travel but so do salespeople :)

  • Doc Zox

    I interviewed Stephen Alvarez for this story

  • Flgraphics

    don’t worry, I’m sure NG will find a way to fire all their photographers too and publish stories with tourist shots from their iphones

  • Gerben

    Am I the only one that finds 21 paraglider crashes on 45 photographers a staggering number? Or does everyone just crash them around?

  • Dannynoonan82

    I’m pretty sure that’s just how you land them.

  • juls ky

    what a bunch of envious haters. jeezze

  • Cochese

    I’d gladly face almost any danger to be a photographer for Natural Geographic. By which I mean, any danger this side of… Actually, scratch that; there is nothing I wouldn’t face.

  • Zechariah Sanders

    Yeah, none of their equipment is free. They buy, insure and replace all their own equipment in field and pay for all their own travel expenses. And while yes they do get to go to beautiful places it can be over a years worth of phone calls, and as seen above less than pleasant experiences in field, like deadly diseases and flesh eating bacterium.