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Kenji Yamaguchi: The Tinkerer Who Builds Custom Gear for National Geographic Photographers


Here’s a fascinating short video that offers a look into the workshop of Kenji Yamaguchi in the basement of National Geographic. He has worked there for 32 years after being sent by Nikon to train the original technician over 3 decades ago.

Anytime a National Geographic photographer needs some kind of custom gear, Yamaguchi sets to work and builds it on his camera part-laden workbench. His mission is simple: help the photographers accomplish their goals.

The Magic Starts Here: Kenji’s Workshop of Camera Wizardry [PROOF]

P.S. For an example of the fruits of Yamaguchi’s work, check out these photos of big cats by photographer Steve Winters. They were captured using custom camera traps built by Yamaguchi.

Editor’s note: We originally shared this video as an Elsewhere post last week, but seeing that it’s making the rounds online, we’ve decided to feature it more prominently.