Fine Art Photographs Shot by Google’s Street View Cars

We’ve seen that Google Street View imagery is capable of winning photojournalism awards, but how would the camera-equipped cars do as fine art photographers? Photographer Aaron Hobson has a fascinating gallery of fine art-style photographs found in Street View — cinematic photos that would look great blown up and exhibited on museum walls.

Now compare these to Gursky’s $4.3 million photograph of the Rhein.

You can find more of these photos in high-res over on Hobson’s website.

Google Street View (via TNW via Gizmodo)

  • Ndt

    All this proves is that sometimes, all you have to do is be there and click the shutter. Like photo-journalists say “f8 and be there”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget about Google’s “fine art” nudes!

  • Shannon Rosan

    This is awesome!!

  • John Goldsmith / Waxy

    Great! It’s the visual analogy to monkey’s writing Shakespeare.

  • Ceeelo

    Dear John.
    It’s true.

  • Skye N

    Don’t you think we should be aiming a little higher?

  • Runngirll423

    how can you aim higher? the sheer simplistic beauty that fills the screen tkaes you where youve been and where you want to be.

  • Lukas

    Who in this case is the copyright holder?

  • Damon Hair

    haha! exactly my first thought…better than gursky’s!

  • Joe Blount

    The only reasonable answer would be Google, but I appreciate his efforts in showing us these images regardless. 

  • Commuter 77

    Look up legal decisions regarding the work of Richard Prince’s Marlboro Man as an example. 
    Essentially, appropriation and, most importantly, modification of images (and other woks), even copyright images, for use in art works is a protected use.

  • SLJonesDigital

    Ninety percent of life is showin’ up.

  • Graysmith

    Worth noting since not even the “photographer” himself seems to acknowledge it: these aren’t straight captures from Google Street View. The basic image is from there, but it’s also been post-processed. For example, compare the last one shown in the post above with how Google Street View actually captured it. Not quite as moody and “artsy” as he presents them.

  • Commuter 77

    he completely admits it in this interview… the above article is not an interview. It is an opinion of the journalist.,1518,799587,00.html

  • Graysmith

    I was referring to his website and the fact that 98% of all sites who’ve posted about this make it come off as if these shots are straight out of Google Street View. He may not be trying to conceal or lie about it, but he’s not exactly detailing them as such on his site either.

  • Commuter

    that is true Graysmith… nobody is saying that upfront including the dude… but it seems so obvious that they were processed a bit that maybe its not worth mentioning. Why is it worth mentioning?

  • Shekinahart

    Best way to visually preserve a memory is, they may immediately think of a photo.Very nice carry on…..

  • Christian Art

    Awesome pics..It is said that photographs of natural landscapes have a soothing effect on the interior space where they are placed

  • Kazz