How to Make Your Gloves Compatible with Touchscreen Cameras

We’ve featured special gloves and mittens designed for photographers before, but what if your camera uses a touchscreen instead of physical controls? Here’s a video by Make’s Becky Stern showing how you can sew some conductive thread into your glove to make it compatible with capacitive touchscreens.

(via Make via Boing Boing)

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  • Dennis Marciniak

    Great idea – living in Canada, this becomes a nuisance for 5 months out of the year. Does anybody have any experience with conductive thread and scratches? 

  • Dragon

    You don’t have to do this left-handed. Flip the glove inside out and fit it over your non-dominant hand. Just remember that it’s inside-out now and you have to leave the trailing thread on the outside.

  • Jamminjg

    Isotoner makes gloves now for just this purpose. They’ve added conductive material in index finger and thumb of each glove. Just picked a pair up at Jcpennys for $20

  • Stevenravenstein

    Cool vide

  • Jeffjeff231

    Really cool video! Just searched the net if these gloves are available in retail as I am not that creative as on the video ;) a Dutch based company offers great gloves for the lazy bastards like me ;)

  • LHunter

    Where in the world can you buy conductive thread???