Condition One: An Immersive Video App That Lets You Step into News Stories

If you enjoyed the beautiful 360-degree helicopter ride video we shared earlier today, then Condition One is an iPad app for you. It uses immersive video as a way to pull viewers into news stories — viewers control the camera by simply moving their iPad around!

The Condition ONE app gives users the ability to look in any direction while viewing footage. By pivoting and tilting the iPad, one literally manipulates the corresponding field of view. The highly sensitive motion controls produce the illusion of looking through a window into another reality, giving a visceral sense of ‘being there’.

Condition ONE will offer highly engaging storytelling with a focus on visual content conducive to being experienced firsthand.

It’s available as a free app through the iTunes store (with an Android version coming next year), so what are you waiting for?

Condition One (via NYT)

Thanks for the tip, Nelson!

  • Sam

    really amazing footage from libya etc, but this seems to be just a 180° fisheye lens on a DSLR shooting video reprojected into a half sphere, apps that display full spherical 360° panoramic video on the ipad is not anything new, heres one example we should be seeing HTML5 360° panoramic video on the ipad with safari soon too, so custom apps will no longer be required to view this type of content

  • Cl1

    “this seems to be just a 180° fisheye len” pretty much what you just explained. Not true 360-degree experience. We produce 360-video as seen here: