Annie Leibovitz Calls the iPhone the “Snapshot Camera of Today”

Apparently Annie Leibovitz is a proponent of the idea that the best camera is the one you have with you. When asked by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams about her camera recommendation to friends, the famed portrait photographer made a surprising pick: the iPhone.

(via MacRumors via Gizmodo)

  • Ndt

    Shes right in what she says. It is an amazing snaphot camera, more for the fact that it switches from camera to presentation in the press of a button, and you never need to remember to bring it with you.

  • gabe sturdevant

    Can she go away yet? Kinda hard to take photo advice from somebody who looses 20 MILLION bucks, and has to sign away rights to her work.

  • Sam Chua

    Apple probably offered her a bucket load of $ to promote their iPhone4S

  • 8fps

    Her pictures suck.

  • Marc Weber

    It also comes with an Mobilephone!

  • tino stulen

    commercial bullshit

  • Spider- Man

    I can’t wait for the Leibovitz hipstermatic app!

  • Bayek

    You guys who criticize her work – your taste sucks. Sorry. And nothing’s wrong with shooting with an iphone – it’s only a tool.

  • Valentino

    I don’t think such well known photographers should be freely favoring any camera phone, becasue lame arse zombies who have no freedom of thought or emotion may start buying the iPhone. . . . if they didn’t already have one. Besides, doesn’t she understand that the multi billion $$ company doesn’t need her free services? She does not understand that types of ‘politics.’

    . . and yeah, somebody got paid a nice bonus for asking that question. . . . . . . . maybe.

  • Anonymous
  • Heidi

    I wonder if she instead said Nikon or Canon if there would be so many negative comments left on this post… like Bayek said above, the iPhone is only a tool, just like any other camera.  Not sure about the hate (btw, I shoot with Nikon DSLRs, no fanboy here of Apple)

  • Markus WET-Photography

    Of course, Canikon would bash each other, Sontax would throw in their opinions and photographers would shrug, go outside and shoot some photos. Business as usual :D

    BTW: I’d be really happy to have a half-way decent camera in my phone but the Samsung Wave camera just sucks :-/

    PS: How do I add a link to my homepage to my name on this Google/Disqus??

  • Michael Zhang

    I think you need to create a Disqus account and add your URL to your profile

  • Anonymous

    she stated an opinion. everyones entitled to their opinion and i say her photos are gorgeous. i own an iPhone and a Mamiya RZ, i enjoy both, you shouldn’t set limits on yourself.

  • Jeff Ellis

    Hey 8fps – lets see some of YOUR photos. Lets compare them to Annies. Even her worst will still blow you out of the water.
    Why do untalented, low self esteem, ignorant fools think they will seem better by tearing others down?

  • Jeff Ellis

    The best camera is the one you have with you. The brain & the eye make the ART, not what camera you use.

  • Markus WET

    You’re right! Thank you very much :)

  • Anonymous

    A camera in yer hoose, is nae use. :)
    Best to have one in your pocket, even if it’s a crappy phonecam it’s better than nothing. Some of the best pics taken of historical events were shot on some right crappy kit.

  • Aus_Guy

    It doesn’t mean she’s a bad photographer. She’s just not a business woman. Get over yourself.

  • Eddie

    She said snapshot camera. Compared to the very popular 110 film cameras people carried back in the film dark ages (outnumbering SLRS by a huge number) the iPhone  (and some of the other higher end phones) take damn good snapshots and as cheesy as i think hipstamatic and all the other apps are they let people create something. given the majority of the public (versus the people who visit photo sites) never print a photo anymore and just share via the web it’s a more than useful tool
    I’ve seen an art show recently all shot on an iPhone 4 and printed 12×12. would they have looked better shot on a hassleblad 503 or other 6×6 format film camera probably but as most were street shots i’m guessing they never would have been taken because the hassy is not the most convenient tool
    Personally i like a lot of annie’s work, but damn she is a crappy business person (like many artists)

  • ernest nitka

    It’s called product placement and she is the product.  I do like the iPhone camera – my original 4 is great.  But I’m not a big fan of hers and seeing her on the TV telling us what most of us know already is disingenuous at best.  As the the other comments show she has a hugh (-) perception.  OTOH she was one of the 1% and now she is one of the 99% – hey maybe we should get her to shoot some shit on OWS with the iPhone?

  • gabe sturdevant

    I know shes not a business woman. Honestly, her pictures are not more amazing than a lot of other photographers out there. I think McNally and Arias blow her out of the water. Mainly because they are not photoshopped to hell, and we know that they treat their assistants and others on set with respect. She is notoriously heinous and mean on set.

  • Asdfsky

    steve jobs did the same thing at work.

  • JustKate

    That’s like saying the Beatles know nothing about music. Don’t be so lame.