Strobist Jet Pack: A Ridiculous Looking Apparatus for Off-Camera Lighting

Photographer Jesse Rosten wanted a more efficient and mobile way to do off-camera lighting, so he invented this backpack-style apparatus that he calls “The Strobist Jet Pack”. Although it’s pretty ridiculous looking (it reminds us of Ghostbusters), it works well for placing lighting equipment in exactly the place needed while still being able to move about.

Here are a couple sample photographs Rosten made using the jet pack:

This video goes into the jet pack’s individual components, along with a demonstration of it being used:

(via Fstoppers)

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous looking…possibly…but if you’re in NYC, since you’re not dropping a stand on the sidewalk, you avoid that nasty $350 permit fee!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, thanks so very much for these suggestions!…

  • R_sundstrom

    Making the rounds again? This vid made the blog tour over a year ago now, maybe two.

  • Anonymous

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  • patrick nilssen schildt

    congrats from a pro !

    ridiculous, jeap…. BUT , the possible results are quite good !! for that little effort ! 


  • Daniel Hoherd

    The video says Uploaded by JesseRosten on Aug 12, 2008, so yeah, over three years ago.

  • Brian

    I think that Jesse and I must be brothers or something because I THOUGHT I was the only one crazy enough to make a contraption like this but I guess not. Mine holds an iPad. Check it out here

    Let me know what you think. We are also looking for photographers to test out the app ( . Please let me know if you are interested.

    All the best!

  • Dugcoinc

     So what as long as it’s relevant. I haven’t seen this before now. I’m going to do this, brilliant.

  • Ryantroop

    Ow. My English hurts.

  • Dirk

    But you’re not going to be able to walk down the street without hitting people/trees/cars/light poles/etc.

  • djend

    I had an idea like this several years back when I was starting off in off-camera lighting, but never got down to do it.

    Glad someone did!

    You go man!