Swivl: A Motion Tracking Dock that Keeps Your Camera Pointed At You

We first heard about the startup company Satarii back in January when they began raising money for a novel camera dock that offers motion tracking. They went on to raise nearly $25,000 through crowdfunding, and now the dock is official and available for pre-order. Named “Swivl“, it helps cameras follow a remote tracking marker by doing its best to keep the marker in the frame.

Here’s a video showing the device in action:

While it’s designed for video recording and conferencing, it could have interesting applications in still photography as well — especially when used with a remote shutter release or intervalometer. The base is geared towards iOS devices, but you can use any device that weighs less than 6oz and has a tripod mount. Perhaps if this launch is successful, they’ll think about making a larger one that can support larger cameras.

They’re planning to start shipping early next year, and can pre-order one from the Swivl website for $159.

  • Terrance Lam

    Sony made something like this a while back (and expensive too) for their point and shoot cameras. They touted it as something great for house parties. It seems like a creepy device, but I’m sure those hipster self-portait shooters will dig this. The price seems reasonable for what it does.

  • Bob

    This could be a great application for remote wildlife cameras. At least that’s one useful purpose I could think of. Beyond that it seems just like another electronic toy that will soon be forgotten.

  • Wing Wong

    Good for video blogs and interviews, where you are working solo, but still need to have the unit pan to follow you. Been thinking of finding something like this, this is pretty cool.

    When you think of all the 720p and 1080p capable camera/video phones out there, this is a big win for folks wanting to do their own solo video blog/show, but don’t want to be adjusting the camera position manually. win.