Behind the Scenes on a Wedding Dress Photo Shoot 20-Meters Underwater

Photographer Sharon Rainis recently collaborated with wedding dress designer Erez Ovadia for an underwater photo shoot in which models wearing wedding dresses were photographed 20-meters under the sea. In an interview with MegaPixel, Rainis shares some of the challenges involved in such a unique shoot:

What a model goes through during such a project is, well, A LOT! First, wearing nothing but a wedding dress, the model’s body temperature rapidly decreases, making it difficult for her to keep a natural look and to hold her breath during the shots. The model isn’t wearing a mask and therefore her communication with the divers around her is very limited. In fact, the only diver she can really communicate with is her air provider, who is the only one close enough for her to see. The model has to hold her breath for quite long periods, which becomes more difficult the more time she spends underwater and the lower her body temperature reaches. If that’s not enough, she’s also tied with weights to the bottom of the sea, which doesn’t add much to her sense of confidence.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video above for a better idea of what was involved. The resulting photographs can be seen over in the MegaPixel interview.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Unreal. The results look stunning. Especially the shots with the red sheet in the background. 

  • CT Bayya

    Wow. Why isit that whenever I dive, I look like a dugong instead? Incredible confidence… and stamina! 

  • LWImages

    As I was watching the video I couldn’t help thinking about the training that the models must have undergone to be able to do this.
    Try this with westerner girls, and your production costs sky rocket for the diva models and the impromptu training and safety courses they must go through.
    But then I saw the credits. This was in Israel. They all go through
    mandatory military service. Yes, even the young model pretty models. That answers my questions.

  • Ken Yee

    wow..nicely done….reminds me of Howard Schatz’s work…

  • Shery Lopez

    wow..amazing ! Nice shot…job well done..:)