How to Photograph Your Fist Smashing Through a Wall of Water

This beautiful (and disorienting) photograph was made by Evan Sharboneau of Photo Extremist. If you can’t make sense of it, try tilting your head 90-degrees to the left. The technique isn’t too difficult — it’s taken the same way as photos of things dropped into water.

Sharboneau, the guy behind the steel wool light painting tutorial we shared a while back, has also created a how-to video for this technique. This video will teach you how to make splashes with flashes (and a large fishtank):

You can find more details on the equipment you’ll need here. If you do get the setup working, try using this same idea on other things as well (e.g. your face).

(via Photo Extremist via My Modern Met)

Image credit: Photograph by Evan Sharboneau

  • John Cornicello

    I’ve already tried it with faces for these musician photos:


  • Michael Zhang

    Cool photos John :)

    However, I was thinking more along the lines of the photo seen in this post. A photo shot from the side showing a face breaking through a wall of water

  • Brandon

    neat but i would think that if the white background on the right was to match the left it would be more seamless. perhaps even removing some off the water drops that have hit the glass in post would clean it up a bit also. but neat nonetheless.