Google+ Now Has Retro Filters

The success of Instagram has shown that photo filters are very much in demand with the general population. Facebook is rumored to be working on its own retro filters, but Google has beaten it to the punch: today the company introduced a wide range of creative filters to Google+’s Creative Kit. The filters (called “Effects”) include looks that mimic daguerreotypes, Reala 400 film, Polaroid pictures, Lomo, Holga, and even cross processed film.

Here’s a video introduction to the new features:

(via Google via Engadget)

  • Chris Gonzales

    Looks like Google is finally taking advantage of that Picnik technology they acquired in 2010. Nearly the same interface and everything.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they just included Picnik into Google+

  • Moo

    yay hipster filters! I kid.

  • Flipflopsfoto


  • Motoblursucks

    The important thing here is NOT the filters – it is that Picnik (now renamed “Creative Kit”) is finally integrated into Google+ instead of the clumsy interface that it had as part of Picasa.  They cleaned up the look and feel and removed all the lame links to subscribing to Picnik for extra “features”.

    What this article should be highlighting is the fairly robust “basic edits” tab, which allows you to crop/rotate/straighten/resize and adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, white and color balance, sharpness, unsharp mask, etc.

    Eventually, Picasa is going to be fully merged into Google+, and all of your photo-management will take place there.  Right now, you can do both in both places, but IMO Google+ has the better interface (Picasa still uses the old Picnik interface, which is pretty annoying).