Canon Unveils the 1D X: One DSLR to Rule Them All

As the rumors foretold, Canon has announced a new DSLR today combining the 1D and 1Ds line of DSLRs into a single camera: the EOS-1D X. This beastly DSLR is an 18-megapixel jack of all trades. It’s full frame, but still shoots 14fps using 61 autofocus points and a 252-zone metering system. ISO can be boosted up to a whopping 204,000. There’s a large 3.2-inch LCD screen on the back, and a futuristic optical viewfinder that offers things such as a dual-axis electronic level and an on-demand grid. For remote shooting and file transferring, there’s a handy built-in wired LAN connection. In terms of video, camera can also do 1080p recording at 24/25/30fps, along with 720p at 50/60fps. You’ll have to start saving up though — the 1D X will cost $6,800 when it’s released in March 2012.

Check out the Canon press release for more nitty gritty details.

  • Matty


  • Will Burrard-Lucas

    It’s been a long time coming! It looks great :) I have outlined my first impressions here:

  • Anonymous

    Impressive. I’m still wondering why Canon and Nikon continue to name their products so similarly… Why does this have to be an “X” model like the D3x? Why do they continue to use the D designation anyway? We all know the shit’s digital nowadays…

    I know this is nitpicking, not like the name is really going to influence the camera’s capabilities, it’s just insulting to keep on seeing the two imaging giants duking it out with copy-cat camera after copy-cat camera and be blatant about it even in the naming. I want something new! Something that R&D benched because shareholders thought it might be too risky.

    Silly I know, hoping for more than a corporation could ever provide…

  • Beva Richel Airhart


  • Hector X Merced

    Would like to own, but when, oh when, will Canon or Nikon release a full frame sensor without breaking my bank.  It would be nice to get a full frame sensor without so many bells and whistles

  • Casey Myers

    Looking forward to seeing some test images!

  • Mehedi Rahman

    Once you buy it, you could name your 1Dx whatever it pleases you.

  • Eddie

    Canon and Nikon are in the cookie cutter business, maybe now that Ricoh has taken over Pentax we’ll see something more unique, Ricoh produces some unique stuff and the Pentax apsC like the K5 are the best in category if you ask me well thought out and smart to use

  • Paul D

    Here are my thoughts on this camera:

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  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the Pentax line. Sony is kind of doing what I am talking about, but the big camera lines all seems blandly similar to one another. I guess I am just waiting for a phase of small business camera manufacturers to develop and revolutionize the industry…

  • Anonymous

    Or name anything whatever the hell I want, because I can. Thanks for graciously giving me the option Mehedi.

    The name was an illustration, not an actual concern. Just because they rename it does not mean that all the crappy stacks of plastic they call a camera now is going to be different.

    It just blows my mind they don’t even care to separate in function, innovation and design, much less the name.

  • Guest

    Yes, 5D and D700 are still 2 grand.  My full frame sensor in my telescope camera is under 1 grand.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one not excited by this because I don’t get what is so great about it?

  • Ajamess

    I thnk you just answered your own question.

  • Ajamess

    thnk -> think*

  • Anonymous

    Well I was kind of hoping someone could persuade/explain why the price tag justifies the cameras abilities. 
    Yes it is fast and all in terms of continuous shooting, but what else?

  • Theonlyitaliangirl

    nice, but WAY out of my reach! It’ll take me a loooooong time to save that that much $$$.            :(