The “Leica Gun”: Designed to Shoot Both Animals and Athletes

Here’s a strange (and extremely rare) piece of camera gear: the Leica Telephoto Assembly Rifle. Also known as “the Leica Gun”, it was made for photographers at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany, and became popular among wildlife and sports photographers during the interwar years. One of them will be auctioned off at the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction on October 30th, and is expected to fetch up to $100,000.

Who knows, maybe shoulder stocks will make a comeback as a form of image stabilization.

Leica Telephoto Assembly Rifle (via Leica Rumors)

  • Salz

    Hell yeah! It looks like the rocket launcher in Left4Dead 2.

  • Karan Kauchhur

    So weird. I was thinking about the same thing yesterday after reading your innovation blog :-)

  • Matt

    Kind of funny, actually I have a plastic version from one of the on-line sites and it works pretty well for video on a 5D.  Nothing fantastic, thats for sure, but for event/family stuff works well.  That is considering it was like $20. 

    Every time I get it out I wonder if I’m going to attract unwanted attention LOL.  So far so good…

  • Bob B.

    The perfect Christmas Gift for Republican Photographers!
    …don’t forget to include the NRA application in the gift card envelope!
    LOL!  (I just had to say it…I couldn’t resist!!!!!! ) 

  • Zak Henry

    Any idea what the dual triggers are for? 

  • Dean W. Thompson

    I think one is just a grip

  • Antony Shepherd

    Worth quite a bit more than my old Zenit Photosniper then!

    Do you think the photographers at the 1936 Berlin Olympics were under strict orders not to point them at Der Fuhrer?

  • Jon M
  • Boomheadshot

    Seems like a fine idea. Sadly I don’t see it making a comeback any time soon. I would be reluctant to use it for fear of being arrested, or worse, by our overzealous ‘protectors’.

  • Skersting66
  • Gman

    once to fire the shutter, one to advance the film?