Canon DSLR Patent Shows Touchscreen and Built-In Wi-Fi

We may be close to seeing a Canon DSLR with an articulating touchscreen — and possibly even built-in Wi-Fi. A patent filing discovered by Photography Bay has more details on the touchscreen, which we reported on two years ago. A sensor above the screen prevents your nose from changing settings by detecting when your face is pressed against the camera. There are also what appear to be network and Wi-Fi icons on the screen, suggesting that Canon may soon bring Eye-Fi style data transfers to DSLRs.

View the Patent (via Photography Bay)

P.S. Canon will reportedly be announcing a new camera tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  • JacobRoy Photos

    The proximity sensor is there since a long time… it may be useful to have touch screen but Wi-Fi is more important I think…

  • DudeRocks

    Wi-Fi, yes please!! Finally remote control for DSRL smartphone apps! No need of the computer in between! 

  • Dnguyen

    Built in GPS please.

  • Stineru

    No WiFi in a  gadgets way, just wireless flash control…

  • Jason Heilig

    On a lower end camera, if the button configuration is accurate.

    Super! This solves all the problems I didn’t have!

  • Brad Bell

    Canon ought to be making DSLR-shaped computers. Or making iPhone-compatible DSLRs.