Lens Filter Beverage Coasters

Product developer and part-time wedding photographer Joel Malone has come up with a product called “Lens Filter Coasters“: 4 colored or UV filters and an indestructible steel coaster holder. The coasters are actual 86mm filters made of optic polycarbonate resin (similar to plexiglass). Malone is currently raising funds for the project through Kickstarter: $40 will preorder you a UV set, and $50 will land you a colored one.

Lens Filter Coasters [Kickstarter]

  • J. David Buerk

    Sounds like something you could do on your own much cheaper – the camera store by my place has hundreds of old filters in a bargain bin for $1 each.  Not sure how big you could find, but I’m sure you can get fairly large ones if you continue to look periodically.

  • Larissa Issler

    These are fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing, but a lot of DIY and buying used is cheaper than buying new, so that shouldn’t be surprising.
    But I hadn’t seen any such large filters in the bin.  Depending on your glasses, you might go to filters in the 60-70 mm range too.

    The bins I’ve seen have a lot of warn and dinged filter rings, so new will likely get you something nicer.

  • Mrbeard

    i wish my local camera store was selling filters for $1, having felt i was becoming too reliant on photoshop i’ve recently started using filters to try and get as close to the image i want in a situation, a fantastic project