Mind-Blowing Research Into Inserting Artificial Objects into Photographs

We always get a laugh when news organizations or governments try to pass off bad Photoshop jobs as real images, but with the way graphics technology is advancing, bad Photoshop jobs may soon become a thing of the past. Here’s a fascinating demo into technology that can quickly and realistically insert fake 3D objects into photographs — lighting, shading and all. Aside from a few annotations provided by the user (e.g. where the light sources are), the software doesn’t need to know anything about the images. Mind-blowing stuff…

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs (via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

  • Clint Davis

    My brain exploded a little

  • Caca

    This already can be done with any 3D graphics program, albeit a lot slower.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    If it sounds to good to be true …

  • Wing Wong

    I’m so wanting to get that for creating some pics. That rocks. 

  • Brian Strauss

    further erosion of the sanctity of recorded images

  • jim

    I wonder. Could this render a young blonde into my apartment to cook a nice Chicken Tikka Marsala, and pour me a glass of Corona?

  • Pennyperkins

    No. But as sophomorically sexist as your statement is, I’m sure that’s the ONLY way you’d get a lady in your lair…

  • Anonymous

    The speediness and overall simplicity and realism… are absolutely impressive.

    This would be great to use for those horrible concept photos of buildings and redecoration in rooms. 

  • C.K. Lee

    Noggin, hurts. When can normal folk get their hands on this? 

  • Entheated

    useful and very fast for interior designers!!!

  • just shoot it

    He really didn’t specify the sex of the blonde :)

  • Postire

    Keep your heteronormative assumptions to yourself.

  • Inx

    The point of this technology is that it can be done faster, better and easier that with traditional 3D software, and that it bundles Photoshop and After Effects like programs into one tech. The new part of the tech is it’s simplicity. A few mouse clicks and you can then insert any object you wish into the scene with out faking a 3D environment by duplicating portions of the scene as different layers, a process which frequently results in obvious inconsistencies.

  • Scott

    When and where? How much?

  • Sorryhadto

    ..the software –don’t– need..

  • Michael Zhang

    Right, thanks for catching that :)

  • kreativeKING

    Pretty freaking nice. Interior Designers are smiling all over the world. The guy’s voice puts me to sleep though.

  • Oldskull


  • Israelu

    Sanctity nothin’. Eadweard Muybridge, in the earliest days of photography, used to composite skies that he’d shot separately. Recorded images have never been “the truth”, per se

  • Tony

    From a designer, trained/schooled at one of the world’s top design schools  (ACCD) I can speak for my design brethren in all the design disciplines and truthfully say this:

    Interior Designers are NOT Real Designers.

    A designer will tell you that design uses the design process.

    Choosing fabric and hanging shit makes you an INTERIOR DECORATOR…
    NOT a designer.


  • Mhjorleifsson

    Dude, what is the name of this software, I will buy it NOW.

  • Simes123

    could it be used with Aftereffects for video clips?

  • Simes123

    when’s it coming onto the market, how much, will there be a demo, will it be PC and Mac compatible, will I be able to use assets from say Cinema 4D in this app if converted to DAE, FBX or 3DS?

  • Losangeles90028

    What about the models and the textures on the models? If you want something custom you will probably have to do all that yourself in another software package. What about animation? Did they do that in this software or was it imported from another package? Over all very cool for lighting something quick and easy in a still photo.

  • Dylan Rhodes

    For what it’s worth, a “blonde” is a female, and a “blond” is a male.

    Same with fiancee / fiance.

  • Scott

    From an Interior Designer with a four years Bachelors degree and a further two years Masters degree I can assure you that Interior Designers ARE REAL designers. Interior Design includes construction details, fire safety and sound science all of which involve more maths and science than most industrial design courses and all graphic design courses.

    The sad thing is Interior Decorators have hi-jacked the term, something which devalues our industry as a whole and leads to ridiculous, uneducated comments from the likes of Tony.

  • Overlinesport

    NASA used this software to make us believe that man conquered the moon? Ha! I just Kidding…