Fujifilm Adds the Non-Retro X-S1 to the X Series Lineup

Fujifilm’s press event yesterday wasn’t just to announce that they’re working on a new mirrorless system camera: they also announced the X-S1, the first non-retro styled camera to appear in the X lineup. The camera looks like a DSLR with a kit lens attached, but actually uses a fixed 26x f/2.8-5.6 lens and an electronic viewfinder. It uses the same 2/3-inch sensor size as the X10, which has about 1/4 of the area of a Micro Four Thirds sensor.

It’s strange that the company decided to add a camera like this to what was a pretty unique X Series lineup, but maybe there’s something special about the camera that hasn’t been announced yet…

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Melo


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the special part is it’s going to be the first bomb of the lineup. Why the hell would they produce a DSLR look alike with a fixed? Olympus beat the hell out of that market with their Camedia line years ago, give it up Fuji, focus on the X??? already!

  • Calgary Photographer


  • Graham Case

    At this stage in the history of Digital SLRs, this camera is an anachronism. Anyone wanting a camera that size should just buy a dSLR, and anyone wanting the (probable) price point and features should go with something smaller, like the Canon G12.

    Really, a giant fixed lens camera like that? The x100 and x50 are awesome. This will be the forgotten mistake in a greater overall series, one hopes.

  • Anonymous

    I guess it competes with panasonic super zooms.

  • gno

    I guess this will be a great camera, perfect to those who are wanting for long zoom range(similar to bridge cameras) combined with a larger senor. Bridge cameras are okay, really versatile cameras, but they tend to be less admirable when the ISO reaches 800 or maybe even 400. But now, the upcoming release of the xs1 is exciting as this one can possibly show that it has great potentials as the larger sensor plus the exr technology can be able to produce good image quality even at higher sensitivity setting. But I guess, there is something left to be desired and that would be the design. This camera looks as if it was designed years ago. The S100fs and the HS20 look better and real front liners, saying that their performances are no slouch considering the features equipped to them. I hope that there would be some changes in the design as this one is yet to be released and it is not final. The styling and structure should follow the X100′s or X10′s as this one is another offering coming from the X series. It maybe a different camera offering a longer zoom but I guess it should have at least few looks which quite resembles its siblings. The two X models look tough without resembling an old oak tree.

  • Guest

    No, the XS1 is not a lame idea.  Take a look at its predecessor, the S100.  The S100–thanks to the unique 2/3 sensor and very good lens, generates better images than any other bridge camera.  In terms of color and IQ they are, in some situations, superior to some DSLRs.  (Go ahead and rant in denial; this is true).  So what was missing in the S100?  Burst speed and burst depth.  The transfer rate of the CCD sensor was too slow, and the buffer too small.  The XS1 fixes this with a CMOS sensor.  The added zoom of the XS1 over the S100 may or may not give good results in terms of IQ, but the sensor change should make this a very worthy upgrade.  The S100 had a combination of features (such as delayed remote burst) that can’t be found even on many DSLRs.  Don’t let the “X” designation mislead you–this is a sequel to the S100, which is arguably the best bridge camera ever made.  (If you don’t care about IQ and don’t use the camera in a variety of creative ways, then of course this won’t apply.  And of course if you buy a camera for the looks and not for the functions, you don’t care.)

  • gno

    What I’m trying to say is about the design. I’m not against the camera and the fixes. In fact, I’m looking forward to this one as this has a larger sensor compared to the other competing models in its class. CMOS sensor really adds to the speed and quick performance of the camera. BUT, what I’m trying to point out is about the design. What I mean is that it could be better but won’t actually completely resembles the x10 or x100. Obviously for its size, it won’t. Of course, people have eyes and consider things about a specific object, and the design says something about it and would dictate how one should feel about it; and I guess, that’s the reason why in this planet, there are people called “designers.” And who will buy a camera only for the looks (common sense is not so common)? The one who will do that would perfectly show a waste of brain and money. If that’s what you mean about those who care about the physical structure, then only a casing should be produced without anything inside it. Maybe even a billionaire won’t buy that. IQ is an important factor of course but it’s not the only thing buyers consider. Think first. We have our own preferences and those result to the differences in our opinions. If you don’t care about the design, well I care.

  • Ghangus

    You have got to be kidding me. You guys would complain about ” Free Friday”@ The Pony Ranch in Vegas before you even see the girls. Get a life.


  • Rick

    Well I love the looks of this camera, and I am standing in line to buy one. I have been riding motorcycles for fifty five years and have always had a Pentax with me and a large camera backpack to carry all my lenses and all the extras, Now I can hit the road and only carry a small one fore this camera and no extra lenses ( who ray who ray who ray ). They will have more X camera Oh there is one Xpro1 dam it’s mirrorless now you have something else to bitch about. I know it’s to retro looking why does it look like the 100 but black OH WELL. If you don’t like the looks of it DON’T BUY IT!!!

  • gno

    X pro 1 is surely a looker and I have nothing against it. In fact, it looks very sturdy and well-built. I guess no one’s stopping you to buy whatever you want; so go ahead and stand in line. And by the way… did I ever mention that I will buy that?????????????????

  • Peter Tomsu

    I think that this camera – if it holds up to it’s specs – will be the first serious competitor to all APSC sized DSLRs and lenses on the market, when it comes to real lowest weight and high quality.

    I could easily see that this would be my preferred camera for trips to Africa doing wildlife and game photography. Great relief not to need to carry more or have even a camera body with multiple lenses from m43.