Tighten a Loose Lens Hood with a Little Tape or Glue

Lens hoods can become loose over time, leading to annoying rattling sounds or problematic vignetting if the hood rotates into your shots. Instead of buying a replacement hood, you can apply a quick fix using a little tape or glue. Simply cover the threads with a few layers of tape or a few dabs of non-permanent glue (be sure to wait until it dries). The extra material around the threads should help the lens hood to secure much more tightly to your lens.

  • Stephen Meese

    Maybe try plumbers tape…

  • chuck

    Works like a charm with what I know as electrical tape: the thick black stuff that come in rolls about 1.5in diameter. I buy lots of yellow and not only use it for this purpose but also to mark all my gear. 

  • rubin110

    Rubbing candle wax into the channel/groove works way better, I’ve found. Might sound messy but it really isn’t.