The New and Improved Sharpen Tool in Photoshop CS5

The Sharpen Tool in Photoshop has always been useful in that it allows you to quickly sharpen specific areas in a photograph, but a major problem was that it had the tendency to introduce nasty artifacts into the image. Alternative methods that avoid this issue (e.g. using a new sharpened layer) became popular, leaving the Sharpen Tool to gather dust on many users’ tool pallets.

Well, if you’ve recently upgraded to Photoshop CS5, you might want to take another look at the tool. They’ve quietly introduced a new feature (on by default) called “Protect Detail”, which allows for brush-based pressure-sensitive sharpening without the annoying artifact problem.

(via John Nack via Photography Bay)

  • Matty

    Great! Now all I need is 700 dollars….

  • Anynomous

    Seems to be a great destructive way to enhance your image

  • Igogosh

    Create a layer and use the brush over this created copy – save as PSD. Done.

  • Cochese

    Yeah, it’s a good thing we all save over the original. oO

  • noss

    gigantic improvement in ~2010! nice! :P
    (~7 year waiting because of adobe business policy)