Get a 16GB Compact Flash Card for $23

Deal alert: you can buy a 16GB Kingston 266x CompactFlash card over at for just $23 with shipping included. Just for comparison, these cards are listed for $33 everywhere else. Not sure how long this deal is good for.

Kingston 16GB Ultimate CompactFlash Card (via Photography Bay)

Update: Reader Benjamin Watson points out that the deal involves a mail-in rebate, and that your checkout price will be $33.

  • Mark Andrew Shannon

    And right after you buy this card at such a great deal, Google “Memory Card Recovery”, because you’re going to need it.

    Seriously, if you want your photos to make it to your computer, don’t cheap out on the card.

  • Travis

    I’ve used this card for well over two years and have never lost information.

  • GianpaoloLaPaglia

    Are they original? And is this shop reliable?

  • Michael Zhang

    They should be. It’s a pretty large online retailer:¬†

  • Benjamin T. Watson

    It should be noted and disclosed that a $10 mail-in-rebate from is required to get the $23 price. A limit of two purchased cards can be turned in for a rebate. The rebate is only available through When you check out they will still be $33.

    About the quality of these cards, well lets say I have washed and dried one of these cards and was still able to retrieve all photos from the card, didn’t loose a one. I still have the card as well and still use the card and works just fine. I have used these and other Kingston cards and never had an issue. Which is good enough for me.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out Benjamin!