Upcoming Canon EF Lenses May Include Aperture Rings

Based on a recently published patent filing, Canon appears to be working on putting aperture rings on EF-mount lenses to allow the aperture to be smoothly controlled during video recording. The patent, filed by the company back in March and published late last week, talks of a “diaphragm driving unit” and shows a third ring on the lens in addition to the zoom and focus rings.

As many of you know, Canon is planning a “historic” announcement in Hollywood on November 3rd. Many people are guessing that an EF-mount camcorder will be announced, while others are hoping for a Canon 5D Mark III that’s even more geared towards filmmakers. This new patent is further proof that Canon is indeed planning big things for the filmmaking market.

(via Photography Bay)

  • Harry Lim

    #303: Now only if they would change the damned “T” to an “S” the world would be a better place.

  • lloyd -

    I for one am looking forward to getting the aperture ring back. as long as it works like internal focusing. so the camera can change the aperture without moving the external ring!

  • Andrew MacDonald


  • Anonymous

    Yay!!! Now I can sell all of my perfectly good lenses and buy newer perfectly good lenses!!! 

  • Ragnarok739

    It ain’t gonna be a 5D mark iii. Think video not DSLR.