Shooting at f/90 with a 70-Pound Camera on 504-Square-Inch Film

YouTube user destinw — the guy behind the chicken steadicam (and worth subscribing to) — recently met up with photographer Darren Samuelson and his massive homemade large format camera. In this video, we’re given another look into how this one-of-a-kind camera works, as Samuelson photographs the Saturn V rocket at the US Space and Rocket Center. Check out some of his amazing ultra-large format photos here.

  • Mauricio Munuera

    Those photos are not worth a camera like that.

    I’m NOT saying that he’s not a good photographer! I don’t even know his work, actually. All I’m saying is that these particular photos on this video could have been done with a 120 film and they would be just as amazing (only much more cost-effective).