Photo of Upcoming Fujifilm FinePix X50 Spotted in a Catalog

On Monday we reported that Fujifilm is planning to release a smaller and cheaper version of the popular X100 called the X50. The photo here shows the camera listed in a Promaster catalog, spotted by a person over on the Something Awful forums. The $600 12MP camera is shown to have a fixed f/2 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) manual lens and a “wide and bright optical viewfinder”.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison with the X100:

Here’s another supposedly leaked (but pretty clearly fake) photo of the camera that’s been making the rounds on various blogs in the past couple days:

It was first published over on a Japanese blog, and blogs that republished it as a “leaked photo” didn’t do their homework — the same body was used in other mockups on the blog in earlier posts. A closer examination shows that it’s simply an official photo of the X100 with the flash moved over to where the viewfinder should be.

On the other hand, the Promaster image of the X50 appears to be legitimate. What do you think of the design?

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Rick Bennett

    Why is it that this leaked photo of a catalog page is so freakin crappy? Was the page surreptitiously sneaked into a bathroom where a pinhole spy camera had to take the picture? Any camera phone would have taken a better shot. Photorumors calls it a scan; only if the page were held above the scanner glass.

    I smell fake here–it’s deliberately crappy quality to make it more challenging to spot the chopping.

  • Skittersd

    It looks retrolicious, the only problem i have is the sensor size, Fuji needs to step up and put a APS-C sensor in it..

  • Cheddarpants

    Anybody here have the x100 and who can speak to the humidity issue?

    The most recent Wired Magazine said that it has no weather sealing whatsover, and isn’t even¬†rated for humidity higher than 80%.

    That could be total dealbreaker for me here in Florida. 

  • Gondwana

    Well, 28mm is too narrow for my taste, but if they release some 0.66x wide converter (that I’m sure, they won’t, since it would block half of the OVF – if it had 46mm thread I would go with Pana converter, even sacrificing f/2), leave the mechanical shutter release cord compatibility and the external flash hotshoe, they can already count on my money.

  • slant

    You know there are other cameras on the market, right? Just get an LX5 or EX1 and be done with it.

  • Gondwana

    Well, I already have LX3 + DMW-LW46 – the best since 2008 :)
    When buying it, I liked Fuji F200exr’s colors more, but in over all features LX3 won. I’m just hoping for some development since…