What if Cameras Had Built-in Airbags?

Last week it came to light to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had filed a patent for having airbags built into cell phones to protect them if they’re ever accidentally dropped. Rather than having a NASA-style airbag that completely envelops the phone, micro air jets orient the device so that it lands on a tiny airbag that pops out of the bottom. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this kind of thing became common on digital cameras in the future? The idea is pretty farfetched, but some people I know would definitely benefit from camera airbags.

  • lloyd -

    Can we start putting phones in DSLRs please?

  • lloyd -

    Can we start putting phones in DSLRs please?

  • Jack Kennedy

    It’s make camera tossing so much easier! :D

  • Koke Momo

    Lol! I just have this image of someone holding their dslr against their ear and are all “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!?” Thank you for that image it made me laugh. ;)

  • Saandipng

    Ha ha Turn on the vibrator mode, comes more handy when shooting photos :D ..

  • Mark Stokes

    What is wrong with wrist straps?