Here’s What Happens When You Try to Edit Photos of Money in Photoshop

Did you know that Photoshop has built-in mechanisms that prevent you from editing photos of banknotes? After getting a payday, Reddit user tarballdotgz tried to Photoshop some of his hundred dollar bills, but ran into the above error in Photoshop. Even if you find a way to edit the images in Photoshop, there’s a good chance your printer will give you a similar error if you try to print the image out!

TIL that Photoshop doesn’t let you edit photos of currency [Reddit]

Update: Another interesting fact: apparently one mechanism used to do this is something called the “EURion constellation“, a specific pattern built into banknotes worldwide. (Thx David!)

  • Bojan Landekic

    I see this as a great thing actually! If people are so artistic, why not create their own money for starters? I bet it wouldnl’t be too demanding for an artistic mind.

    But that aside, learn about Bitcoin all you can, it will be our financial future in the next few decades and we can FINALLY do away with the silly nonsense of “currencies”.. :)

  • j7n

    I’d want to preserve detailed images of money bills for the future when the state issues new (such as after switching to Euro). And having software that slaps my fingers and tells me what to do plainly pisses me off. With software it’s easy: just use another, but with a hardware scanner it’s not so easy. What concerns me from a practical perspective is the processing power involved and wasted checking every 600 or 1200 dpi image for it being money. Is hi-resolution scanning less reliable than it should be because of this?

  • Matt

    I’ve just upgraded to Adobe CC and have run into this issue. It was not an issue on CS4. Even though I’m using an image that we downloaded from a stock photography site, and it’s a bunch of Canadian currency, I cannot even place this image into a layout. I guess you just have to revert to CS4 to disable this.

  • The Prague Post

    This is great for those covering forex that need to have images of currencies in our publications. Really sucks.

  • 写真家

    I just found hard way. All I wanted to do is take image of a stack of ¥1000 notes. No more than quarter of each note can be seen. All I want to do is rotate image 45 degrees and got message. Cant reproduce a note from image. This ridiculous.

  • Gianluca Melis

    lol bullsheeeeeit