From 1.0 to CC 2017: A Visual History of Adobe Photoshop

Over the years, Photoshop has evolved from a very rudimentary pixel editing program called “Design” into an image editing powerhouse that most photographers, designers, and digital artists absolutely can’t live without. This fun little video captures that journey.

The “visual history of Adobe Photoshop” was put together by the folks at DigitalRev, and it’s a nice dip into photo editing nostalgia to wrap up a rather brutal 2016. They talk about the first features Photoshop included, when Adobe introduced things like “undo,” and share when you stopped being able to create counterfeit money edit photos of banknotes on the program.

Not surprisingly, becoming a household name isn’t all positives and record-breaking revenue reports. As Photoshop gets verbed into “Photoshopped” with increasing regularity, Adobe is actually in danger of losing their trademark on the name. So check out the video up top before the “Visual History of Adobe Photoshop” becomes the “Visual History of that One Adobe Photo Editing Program.”