Stabilize Your Camera Footage Using YouTube’s Video Editor

Did you know that earlier this year YouTube added a free image stabilization tool to its video editor? It lets you smooth out the jitter in your videos without having to shell out dough for an expensive rig or software solution. The downside is that the stabilization makes your video look like it was shot by a robot.

Here’s the non-stabilized version of the above clip:

Another example of a stabilized clip:

The original non-stabilized version:

To have your own video stabilized, visit the YouTube Video Editor, drag your clip onto the timeline, then click the magic wand icon over your clip.

(via NYTimes via John Nack)

  • Age

    I think that the first video it’s an actual robot. Maybe they actually had some stabilizer already. If you look at the non-stable footage it seems pretty stable.

  • Hawk1500

    I guess if you had a terribly shaky video and you can live with the pretty significant crop, then it’s a good thing.

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm… From the YouTube description, it seems that for that clip they used a Sony HX9V, which has some stabilization built into the camera

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    A bit warpy

  • Confuzzlebot

    Something very weird about the effect that I kind of like… 

  • Joseph Bison

    Awesome video never seen the stabilise feature in action.

  • Joseph Bison

    Awesome video never seen the stabilise feature in action.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • MaxxUK

    I just used this Youtube feature to ‘stabilise’ the toughest ‘unstable’ footage imaginable – onboard a racing Kart on a bump track. I’m really impressed, it beats all the video edit filters i’ve used before.

    The video was virtually unwatchable before but see now, video shows side-by-side, one-after-the-other, and transarent overlay shots.

  • Steven Anderson

    The stabilizer actually made my video worse. Cut things off screen, made labels jerk and move around, pictures tilt and other things that never moved around before move. I highly recommend NOT using YouTube’s stabilizer.