Canon 5D Mark II Has Sensor Destroyed by Concert Lasers

Here’s yet another painful-to-watch example of what the powerful lasers used at concerts can do to your camera’s sensor. This poor soul brought their Canon 5D Mark II to capture some footage, and left with the camera having a new feature: white “framing lines”! Too bad they can’t be turned off…

Unlike gamma rays when sitting in an airplane, concert lasers are definitely something you need to protect your camera from.

(via ALTFoto)

  • Anonymous

    There is no excuse for aiming lasers at people.  Unbelievable.  WTF are they thinking?

  • Pogi_beybeh

    Soooo, what happens to the body now? can it be repaired? how much if it doesn’t have warranty?

  • Ron

    Great idea for actors against paparazzis ;-)