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Yet Another Reminder to Keep Your Poor Camera Sensor Away from Lasers!


After all the videos and examples posted online of everything from RED EPICs to 5D Mark IIs being fried by lasers, you’d think just about everybody in the photo community would know to keep their cameras safely stowed during a show where lasers are at play.

Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and we have yet another example getting attention on the Internet, this one showing a poor Canon 5D Mark III being converted to ‘junk’ status in no time flat.

So take this as yet another reminder to either keep your camera down or, if you’re going to shoot, only take stills and never use the live view. Although that’s far from a foolproof method, the less time your sensor is exposed, the less chance you’ll end up with automatic diptych lines that never go away.

(via Reddit)