DIY Photo Booth with a DSLR and iPad

German wedding photographer Rocco built this ingenious do-it-yourself photo booth using a Nikon, an iPad, and a remote shutter release. Guests can step on a pedal to trigger the shutter, which snaps a well-lit photograph (there’s a Speedlight on each side) and beams the image to the iPad via an Eye-Fi card and the app ShutterSnitch. While this photo booth doesn’t print out photo strips, it could be a great and fun way to give an event’s attendees some extra high-res photos without any extra work — well, besides building the thing.

Professional Image Maker with iPad control (via Engadget)

  • Ghamma

    I like that the participants get a near-instantaneous look at the image and can adjust themselves if they want to try it again.  Very desirable.

  • icy lazare

    Very clever and remorseful…Me like it a lot…

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  • Ninianyss

    where can i get the box?

  • stu shapiro

    it’ll be very slow, the eye-fi isnt so great when it comes to transfer speed, ive tried it out.