Flickr Changes Deletion Policy: 90 Day Grace Period Before Nuking Photos

One of the big complaints users (or ex-users) have against Flickr is that its account deletion process is often unexpected and almost always permanent. Many users — even paid subscribers — have found their accounts deleted and have had no way of appealing and no chance of recovering their data. Flickr finally addressed the issue today by changing its deletion policy — data is now stored for 90 days on the server after accounts are deleted, giving users a chance to appeal. Huzzah!

Your photos and data on Flickr [Flickr Blog]

Image credit: delete by Vitor Sá – Virgu

  • Anonymous

    About time.  It’s not about the photos, it’s about the connections and community, lose the account and all that is gone.

  • Joe

    So why is Flickr deleting accounts? Is it because of things the user did, or something else?

  • kombizz

    Thank you for the info – Now I know why it was like that B4.

  • Charcot

    A little too late for me as I cancelled 6 months of my subscription because of the Gestapo tactics used by Flickr – I won’t return either cuz it has taken them all this time to finally do the right thing.  I’m still praying for plague to hit them tho’

  • Thomas Hawk

    It’s about fucking time.  Wonder why it only took 4 years of screaming at them to make that happen?