How to Get Deleted by Instagram

If you've ever had the misfortune of having your Instagram account deleted... this article is for you.

I work primarily as a fashion and fine art photographer but also teach at the New York Institute of Photography. Because of this I am in constant communication with other photographers looking to improve their work and help promote their businesses. After reading testimonials about how Instagram increases exposure for countless photographers and brands, I decided to sign up and create my first account.

Facebook Shuttering Massive Pages for Violating Photo Copyrights

Facebook takes the copyright infringement of photographs seriously. So seriously that it doesn't think twice about instantly -- and permanently -- nuking offending pages, regardless of how popular those pages are. Case in point: two months ago, popular trend hunting blog The Cool Hunter had its popular page abruptly deleted; the page boasted over 788,000 fans, contained five years' worth of content, and was a huge source of traffic for the company's website. Facebook has since stated that the removal was due to "multiple instances of copyright infringement."

Zombie Photos No More: Facebook Now Actually Removing Deleted Images

Remember Facebook's "zombie photo" problem? Photos that users deleted on the website actually remained very much alive on Facebook's servers, available to anyone who held on to the images' URLs. Earlier this year Facebook acknowledged the issue and promised changes that would ensure permanent deletion within 45 days.

Now, it appears that Facebook has honored its word. The company tells Ars Technica that deleted photographs are now vaporized from the web within 30 days -- a claim that Ars has confirmed through tests.