Toddlers as Professional Art Prodigies

You know the “anyone can cook” mantra spoken by Chef Gusteau in Pixar’s Ratatouille? It seems the same can be said about other forms of artistic expression as well, whether it’s photography or painting abstract pictures. Two unusual artists we featured here before were 3-year-old Ruby Ellenby and Cooper the photography-lovin’ cat. The above video shows Aelita Andre, a girl who became a professional abstract expressionist painter at the age of 3 and is called a “prodigy of color”.

Did you know that the world record for “youngest photographer” is currently held by Zoe Fung Leung of Hong Kong? She was only 2 years and 70 days old when she held an exhibition and print sale at Plaza Hollywood. If you have a child that’s younger than that, stick a camera in their hands and hire a good PR representative — the record may soon be yours theirs!

(via Boing Boing)

  • David

    Most abstract stuff is done by people who know how to make a technically good piece, and the toddler has most likely not even taken a basic class or any other means of learning good technique.

  • DoobieMcDonald

    Eye am incredibly blown away by this! JUst imagine…Whittier zombie haikU bUks mUst be right aroUnd the corner…BAY-beh!

  • Skinner Photographs

    Her torment is splashed all across the canvas… gripping, compelling, dribbling.

  • Anonymous

    Way to sell your child.

  • Elizabeth

    The overwhelming number of dislikes for this video reflect my thoughts as I watched the first 3 minutes hoping that there would be something better to show up. Nope. A “prodigy of color”?! It’s a child playing with paint! Any child could be a “prodigy of color” if you give them the materials. As for the little girl that holds the world record for “youngest photographer”… initially I was impressed and curious what pictures a 2 year old can take to have her own exhibition… it turns out the exhibition was just a small one hosted inside a mall. Think something akin to free art showcase in subway/train stations only this one was like a booth in the mall. Totally agree with the PR comment. The parents probably found sponsors who bought the idea that exhibiting photos of a 2 year old would be awe-inspiring. I say propaganda. Blah!

  • Alessandro Casagli

    well that’s some serious BS.

  • br

    My 6 month old could paint those!

  • Sony is Minolta unfortch

    Most people like you are the reason why there are so many abstract frauds out there. Start being proud of yourself…now.

  • Sony is Minolta unfortch

    But I’m sure she can still paint better then you can “click ” a camera. Clicking a camera is not “technique” by the way.