Revolver Camera That Shot Bullets and Photos at the Same Time

Used in New York back in 1938, this revolver camera was a Colt 38 with a tiny camera that would capture a photograph whenever the trigger was pulled. I sure hope those sample photographs taken with this revolver were shot while the gun wasn’t loaded…

(via Photojojo)

Image credit: Revolver-camera / Revolver camera by Nationaal Archief

  • Sebastián Soto

    Now that’s a ‘shot’.

  • Eric Siegmund

    I’d be interested in knowing more about the triggering (no pun intended) mechanism for the camera. Given the recoil of the revolver, the photos shown would have to have been taken before the bullet was fired. Wonder if the shutter was tripped by a contact tied to the gun’s trigger, or perhaps the position of the hammer?

    Anyway, I think your “Creepiest photos ever?” teaser on your Twitter feed was a bit melodramatic.

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  • Dowey07

    wow that a killer photo!

  • Thescarecrow73

    It’d be cool to shoot some pics with that camera! 

  • Tammy Priday

    how would you deal with the muzzle flash?  

  • Teeroux

    You mean camera flash!LOL

  • Albert Zablit Photographer

    Killer shot.

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  • ExposedPlanet

    Damn. Talking about Shoot to Kill. As the piece seems in good condition I assume the owner was a collector or a good, eh.., photographer.

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  • Anonymous

    “Say ‘Freeze!'”

  • GOA_AMD65

    The picture would have to be taken slightly before the bullet is fired or it wouldn’t work very well.

  • quickpick

    dedicated tool for mobsters paid by shot, no getting away with faking it… what a cruel invention! that’s probably how the frase “shooting” got it’s ambiguous use in the first place… :D

  • Keisha

    I hate guns but this thing is amazing. Unfortunately trying to take someone’s picture with it will probably get you shot with a real bullet.

  • Keisha

    The perfect weapon to get back at the paparazzi.

  • John Minnicks

    Head shots … $15……. sick yea…


    what so you get a picture of whoever you shoot dying. Why?