Light Your Photos on the Cheap with the Coleman LED Quad Lantern

The Coleman LED Quad Lantern is an area lantern that features four detachable LED panels that function as individual lights, with each one containing six LEDs, a handle, and a rechargeable battery. While it’s designed for outdoor use (e.g. camping), it can also be used as a cheap solution for lighting your photos on the go.

Cameratown made this short video demonstrating the lantern:

You can buy the lantern for $56 over on Amazon.

Coleman LED Quad Lantern (via Cameratown via Photography Bay)

  • Tyler Ingram dot Com

    We got one of those as a wedding present! Didn’t think of using it for photography, but now I will use it with my light tent! 

  • Anonymous

    I _like_ it!

  • bri

     cool. I’d like to see how it works for photography

  • Koke Momo

     I am going to be asking for one of these for my birthday. I really don’t have a lightset or anything portable, so I think this will help at least for fill light that I really do need sometimes and can’t get with a reflector. 

  • Donovan Rekanize Fannon

    figure a way to mount them on light stands, and this is a home run.

  • Kelly

     awesome ! I am going to go purchase these !

  • Ryan Wiebe

     Now if only it would come with (or at least have available as an accessory) a power cord – that way it could be used at home without the need for D batteries.

  • dollop

    No need to use D batteries. Simply get re-chargeable AA and use size D adapters. Not only will this help with pollution but it will significantly reduce the weight. 

  • Jonperrin

    Just ordered one. Coleman also makes a rechargeable power pack that goes into the battery holder.

  • T-Fiz

    Even though it would be good for certain applications (like lighting smaller objects, or for light-painting), it won’t give you the throwing power of a strobe or flash unit, which means that you’ll have to use a slower shutter, wider aperture, and/or higher ISO.