Neat Retractable Lens Cap for Beefing Up Protection

Check out this wacky-looking custom lens cap designed by Japanese corp UN for the Olympus XZ-1. Many compact cameras don’t offer too much protection for the lens glass when the camera is off and the lens retracted (usually it’s a small plastic cover/curtain), so there are quite a few camera users that might benefit from a cap like this one. It’s secured to the front of the XZ-1 using an Allen key, and is pushed open when the lens extends from the body. When the camera is turned off, the cap automatically folds back into place to protect the glass. It’s supposedly available for about $90 if you email the company directly.

Lens Cap for Olympus XZ-1 (via OhGizmo!)

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Great idea, but really ugly!

  • Jon Alexander

    90$ for a lens cap? Lens cap leash is a buck just saying if you have the money for this then there is something better it can be spent on :/

  • Patrick

    Ricoh has been using a cap like this for their cameras for quite a while now.

  • Oscar Roca

    Absolutely, and they costs around 20 bucks…¬†

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  • Jampy Joe

    I got a very similar one for my Lumix DMC-LX3 for about $9.00 on ebay.

  • Jampy Joe

    the thing is, on these cameras a standard lens cap is a pain, because you have to take the cap of just to turn the camera on. I know it sounds like a small thing but I use my LX-3 to take “from the hip” shots a lot and the ability to do everything with one hand is awesome.

    that said, $90 is WAY too much but there are $10 and under versions on ebay.