Still Photos with a Dash of Movement

Photographer Jamie Beck has a beautiful series of images that she calls “cinemagraphs“. They’re animated GIFs in which only a small piece each photograph is animated, making them a neat fusion of still and moving images. It’s amazing how much a tiny bit of movement in a still photo can do. They’re almost like the moving pictures you see in Harry Potter!

To see more cinemagraphs by Beck, head on over to her website.

Thanks for the tip Mladjo!

Image credits: Photographs by Jamie Beck and used with permission

  • Davie

    oh my. and animated gif. will i never. stop the presses!

  • Zach Lawson

    there is a little more involved here than just “an animated gif”

    Personally these are frakking awesome!

  • Hburger

    Kinda mesmerizing…

  • Gerlos

    Wow… great! It’s a pity that it’s limited to GIFìs 256 colors… Hope that APNG will be more supported and known in the future… just imagine what you can do with full 24 bit color depth!

  • Bas ter Beek

    ‘They’re almost like the moving pictures you see in Harry Potter!’ is what I said too. It was the first thing it reminded me of!

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    The first thing I thought was “animatronic”

  • Dude

    Now if these would be tangible photographs then we’re talking “Harry Potter.” I like these nevertheless.

  • Brandon

    i don’t know… i actually think this is pretty cool.

  • Mike

    I found a tutorial its a long a delicate process but worth it.

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  • Eon

    They are if you’re carrying around an iPad.

  • Please enter a name to comment

    How does this work in a gallery as a still image in a photographic exhibition?

    Harry Potter!

    Not special!

    Bit boring,

    nothing is original….

    Bit Bored!

    Now then, hmmm…. where did I leave my wand?

  • Guest

    This tumblr blog is doing this with movies…

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  • Oier Aso

    Here I leave you a link with a new project about cinemagraphs. Hope you enjoy it!
    Big hug!

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  • ramanauskas

    Wow. They finally invented something worse than “selective color”.