Find Out How Well You See Color with X-Rite’s Color IQ Test

Did you know that 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some kind of color vision deficiency? X-Rite has an interesting online “Color IQ” test that helps you find out how well your eyes see colors. You’re given four strips with color chip squares, and are tasked with arranging them in order by hue, starting from the fixed chip on the left side and ending with the fixed one on the right. It’s an online version of the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue test, which has been used by the government and in industry for more than 40 years to test color vision aptitude. If you finish the test, leave a comment letting us know what you got!

Online Color Challenge (via Popular Photography)

  • Tu D.

    I scored a 27.

    0 being the perfect score, 99 being the worst. By the last strip was getting too lazy to differentiate the specifics haha

  • Bergur

    I tried it once. Was really easy even though I’m colourblind. Was easy…but my score was far from good…

  • Scott Taylor

    I scored an 8 (with zero being perfect). The statistics they provide at the end are pretty useless, it says the scores for my age range go from -178 to 1520, even though the test scores should only be 0 to 99)

  • Sean Birch

    I got a 12.

  • Octavio

    I got a 4!

  • Tvcollin

    I scored 8.

  • DetunedNoise

    Me too!

  • Raddy

    I scored 8 !

  • _klv


  • _klv


  • Devin

    Umm…I got a 201.


    Confusing since the scale is apparently 0-99. Maybe I’m just that bad.

  • Nick Nieto

    I received a 4

  • _klv.

    i guess it has to do also with your monitor calibration…

  • Tim Rawlings

    I got 7

  • ceut

    I got a zero. (no, really, I did) Maybe being a quilter having to deal with matching fabrics helped?

  • Alejandro

    Hey! I got 0! Perfect color vision in my first and second tries.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    107 =/ I think that’s beyond bad. But then, I’m a protanope.

  • Age

    I got a 0, perfect score :-)

  • Eduardo

    I got 15

  • Dr. gut. Chris

    I got a perfect score at the first attempt. And yes, I have screenshots to prove it!

  • Gary

    I got 19

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo, I got a 3 on my crappy TN monitor.

  • Marc van der Veen

    I got a 7, damnit :P

  • Bobson

    Another 0 here, on three separate (but all calibrated) monitors.

  • Bla

    also 3 on a crappy laptop tft :-)

  • Anonymous

    I just wrenched my shoulder patting myself on the back for getting a 0.

  • Andre Nantel

    Scored a 6. I think that this is also a test of perseverance.

  • sbfw

    I got a 4.
    Your score: 4
    Gender: Male
    Best score for your gender and age range: -11840
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 11722

    Not sure what the best and highest score means. There is nothing that states this. If the scale is 0-99 how can someone score 11722 or -11840?

  • E B P Z

    I got a perfect 0!
    and this was before getting my spyder-elite

  • Donovan Rekanize Fannon

    Got a 4

  • Daniel

    I got a 64 and my eyes now hurt :(

  • Federico Avila

    You have perfect color vision!

    Your score: 0
    Gender: Male
    Age range: 20-29
    Best score for your gender and age range: -11840
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 11722

    0 ( Perfect Color Acuity )

  • Aammrr

    I’ve got 30. But since the best score is -178 and the worst is 1520, I think I’m not that bad..

  • Nikhil Ramkarran

    I got a 4, pretty cool.

  • MINIme

    I got a 4. Not bad.

  • Denise

    I got 16.

  • Michael_sison

    20. i kinda think this tested my patience more than my color accuracy.

  • Fearium

    # Your score: 8
    # Gender: Male
    # Age range: 20-29

  • Kroberds

    I got a zero. I yelled in delight.

    (obviously, my life isn’t that exciting)

  • Suman0102

    I got a 4 :)

  • Sara Oglestone

    28 on my laptop – I’m going to try it on my work station tomorrow to see if there’s a difference with my flat screen monitor.

  • tsy

    4! not too shabby! calibrated monitor though, im sure that helps.

  • Jyve

    I also got an 8. The statistics make no sense. They must have changed their scoring system at some stage. Or it’s all just a joke?

  • Montoya

    I got a 4 :D

    It’s kind of tricky. The macbook monitor helped i guess.

  • Goku1259

    I got 7. I think everyone here is going to naturally be better at this. Just a hunch.

  • grgnn

    0 (non calibrated monitor)

  • Coinneach

    I got 40, but I am 49 and male.

    an interesting point is that if you hit the score test button it gives a score of 1210
    i think they should explain the scoring system a bit better.
    is my score of 40 scored out of 99 or out of 1520?????

  • Coineach

    I was chuffed with 40 out of 1520 but nit with 40 out of 99

  • Manitwo


    … but now i’m blind ;)

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