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infltr Lets You Filter Your Photos with Over 5 Million Color Hues



Disappointed with Instagram’s limited selection of filters? Well, a new app on the block called ‘infltr’ is promoting the ability to give your photograph over 5.1 million unique hues. Throw in one of your favorite pictures and simply swipe your finger to begin moving throughout the color spectrum. For a small price, you can have more hue filters than you could dream.


Yooshr Ltd, the company behind the application, wants you to “say goodbye to the same old boring filters and filter life as you live it – in the moment.” infltr works in real-time with your camera, so you can adjust the hue and view the world around you as desired.


Just touch the screen and pan your photos in any direction for ‘infinite’ filters. Once you find a moment you wish to capture, tap the shutter button and you are set. Here’s a short video showing how the app works:

infltr costs $2 on the Apple iOS App Store (it’s not currently available on Android).

(via infltr via Engadget)